2008 Chinese School Summer Camp

2008 年 8 月 18-22 日
為期五天的中文學校夏令營在明大聖保羅校區的學生活動中心舉行,一共有三十五位由五歲到十五歲的小朋友參加. 請到三位來自台灣的老師, 指導同學中國傳統手工藝,童玩和舞蹈. 最後一天同學們的成果展和精彩表演. 更讓父母們大開眼界.

August 18-22, 2008
Our Chinese school summer camp was held for five days at the Saint Paul Student Center at the U of M. Three teachers came from Taiwan to teach our students about traditional Chinese crafts, toys, and dance. About 35 kids age 5-15 attended the camp and participated in the final performance for the parents.